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How content marketing will change after the EU Data law
Content marketing and the EU Data law

Will the EU Data Regulation result in an avalanche of content? We examine the likely fallout...

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O Telemarketing, wherefore art thou Telemarketing?
Telemarketing love

Telemarketing and email belong together... lets stop keeping them apart....

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SCi become first telemarketing agency to make staff shareholders
SCi staff are all shareholders

Brendan O'Flaherty, CEO at SCi, has given all our staff a slice of his company...

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Hey guy’s… Do you remember Canada? Opt-in: the new holy grail of sales & marketing.
Canada data law

New data regulations in Canada haven't impacted your sales... but what if Canada was Europe?...

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Simon and Heather: Masters of Customer Loyalty
Simon & Heather: Masters of Customer Loyalty

Human Interaction is an invaluable resource within all areas of B2B sales. We illustrate why Simon and Heather are so effective....

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10 tips for better online demos
10 tips for better online demos

Doing online demos? Ofcourse you are, everyone is. Here's 10 tips for a killer presentation...

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Locate the damage and repair your sales
X ray hand small

Don't allow hidden issues to interfere with your sales......

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Sales Intelligence Warfare
Sales Intelligence Warfare

Are you a competitor in the battle for intelligence?...

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  • How the EU plans to kill B2B marketing

    The proposed EU Data Regulation (EUDR) changes a predominantly opt-out marketing system to an opt-in rule. Both B2B and B2C marketing are affected. By 2016, you will have to get ‘explicit consent’ to store personal data. The fines for failure are huge. But there is a solution.

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  • Webinar: How to avoid falling foul of the new EU data rules transparent

    Webinar: EU Data Protection Regulation
    A free webinar that explains the new data rules that are due in 2015 and how they will severly restrict B2B direct marketing. Includes a 3 point plan to prepare and overcome the new regulation. 18, 23, 24 or 25 September. Limited spaces.

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