6 Common Causes of Water Leakage

If you are experiencing water leaks in your home, there could be several reasons. One of the most common causes is an undetected plumbing system issue such as aging pipes or wrong installation which can lead to cracks and ultimately leaking at surfaces where they join together; The leaks can cause damage to your home and lead you into a shortage if it isn't detected immediately, but identifying where exactly there was an issue proved difficult for many homeowners because almost all plumbing systems are invisible without professional help from plumbers who know what they're doing! Here are the most common causes of water leaks.

1. Improper Plumbing

Poor installation of plumbing systems such as pipes, water heaters, etc may lead to water leakage in your home. Thus, you have to make sure that your home has proper plumbing installation. To avoid this problem, you have to always prefer the professional plumber who has more knowledge and experience in plumbing. When it comes to plumbing installation, the construction of your home should be durable enough. Otherwise, it will lead to cracks or break in the wall, foundation, and ceiling of your home.

2. Broken Seals

When installing your home appliances, the seals are placed around the water connectors. After years, the seals wear out or break and it leads to water leakage. If you notice any seal breakage, then you have to immediately fix that to avoid water leaks.

3. Faucet Leaks

There are lots of faucets are installed in every home for convenient water usage. It is one of the common causes of water leakage in your home. Thus, checking your faucets frequently ensures the consistent water flow and avoids water leakage. This problem may occur due to the pressure of water while flowing. In this case, a professional plumber advises you to repair or replace the faucet to prevent further leakage.

4. Corrosion

As years go, the pipes in your plumbing system rust and damage the pipes. It leads to water leakage in your home and a small seep. The pipes get corrode easily due to the imbalance of minerals in the water. If you notice any changes in the color of your pipes, then you can immediately call a professional to replace the corroded pipes.

5. Frozen Pipes

If you're living in the cold weather conditions, then you have to check the condition of your pipes frequently as it gets freeze. When you left that without noticing the pipe bursts with the high pressure. Moreover, it leads to flooding and other severe damages to your home. If you have frozen pipes in your home, then you should contact a licensed plumber to replace that and get guidance to protect the pipes from high temperatures.

6. Damaged Pipe Joints

The damaged pipe joints in your plumbing system are one of the most common causes of water leakage. In a plumbing system, all the joints that connect the pipes are very important so you always have to keep them securely. If the pipe joints are invisible, then you have to check that the pipe has any noise. In this case, it is better to consult a professional plumber once a year.