Basic Plumbing Tools for Your Home

Homeowners should have the responsibility and need to deal with several problems that occur in their homes. The most common problem faced by many homeowners is water leakages such as blocked toilets, dripping faucets, or clogged sinks for instance. this usually happens because there are blockages somewhere inside of them causing an obstruction. The most common cause of this problem is clogged toilets and sinks; however, there are other factors like blocked faucets or dripping pipes too! In order to fix these issues instantly you will need basic tools available even if you're an expert plumber at handgermarring with your toolkit--so make sure they're kept handy just in case any emergency situation arises. Here are the basic plumbing tools that you have in your home.

1. Wrenches

If you want to tighten or loosen any but or bolt in the plumbing system, then the wrenches are the most essential tools that you have. There are four different types of wrenches available in different sizes and you have to choose them which will ideal for your needs. Most professional plumbers have wrenches in all sizes and lengths. If you're going to handle the pipes, then a wrench is the perfect tool for you. The serrated teeth in the wrench help you to hold the pipes with excellent grip.

2. Plunger

Plunger is the most essential tool for every house owner to clear clogs. It is one of the affordable tools in the plumbing kit. The flange plunger is the latest plunger that helps to clear the toiler blockage and it provides more suction when compared to old models. It is the first step for every homeowner to clear the clog of their toilet, sinks, etc.

3. Pliers

There are different types of pliers available and all can be used in plumbing. But needle-nose pliers and water pump pliers are more helpful when compared to others. Having a needle nose plier helps you to work well with even in small fittings. Moreover, it helps to clear the hair in your tub or shower.

4. Snake

Plunger can't able to clear the deep clogs. In this case, having a drain snake will help you to dislodge the clogs in your plumbing system. A snake is a simple tool that allows you to remove all the debris in your pipes without causing any damage.

6. Tape

Tape is one of the most common tools for your plumbing work. Most of the plumbers, as well as homeowners, have thread tapes as they can be used to fix the joints during alterations. It ensures a tight seal and won't leak water easily. Duck tape is perfect for DIY homeowners to fix the joints and prevent leakages.

7. Hacksaw

Mostly, a Hacksaw is preferred by professional plumbers. However, it can be used by homeowners who want to do any repair or replacement in the plumbing system. It can be used to cut the PVC pipes as well as metal pipes with some extra effort.

8. Plastic Pipe Cutter

Nowadays, most of the pipes are made of plastic so this pipe cutter will help you to easily cut the pipes during the process of plumbing. No matter whether you're a professional plumber or DIY homeowner, it is one of the useful tools in your plumbing toolkit.