Signs Your Home May Have Slab Leak

Invisible Leakage in Your Slab - The Most Invisible Problem for homeowners

It's hard to find and one of the worst situations a homeowner can be faced with. There are many reasons why your home may be experiencing a slab leak. When there is leakage from your pipes and also seeping through wall surfaces or floors- it will eventually lead into huge damage on all parts involved. Here are the signs that indicate your home has a slab leak.

Before seeing the signs of slab leakage, let's see the causes of the slab leak

Causes of Slab Leak

There are many causes of slab leaks and it is hard to find out them as a homeowner so here are some of the most common causes of slab leaks.

Damage or breakage in the pipes during the construction of your home
Corrosion of the pipes due to soil Crack in the ground or foundation.

Signs That You May Have A Slab Leak

1. Huge Rise in Water Bill

An increased water bill is one of the effective signs that indicate you have a slab leak in your home. If you didn't notice the leakage, the water leaks continuously 24/7 under the slab and it raises your water bill. To avoid this problem, you have to book a professional to diagnose once a year.

2. Low Water Pressure

If you're experiencing a reduced flow of water in your faucets, then the main reason is low water pressure. Also, you have to check whether the problem is on the slab. When the water continuously flows under the slab the pressure of water flow will decrease in your home.

3. Mold Growth & Smell

When the slab leaks, the water seeps through the walls and floors so the mold will grow automatically. Generally, mold or mildews grow easily in wet areas. After some time, it starts to produce a musty smell so you can quickly find the leakage and fix that with a professional plumber.

4. Wet Floors

The damp floor is one of the major signs that your slab leaks. If your floor gets wet without any problem, then you have to diagnose whether your slab is leaking. If you didn't notice the problem for a long time, then your floor damps continuously and it may lead to severe damage to your home. If you can't find the exact place of leakage, you just call a professional plumber and he will identify the issue and ensure the proper result.

5. Sound of Running Water

It is very difficult to notice this sign so you have to check in your pipe once you have faced any issue related plumbing system. If you hear the stranger sound continuously while the water is running, then you have to consult a professional to fix your plumbing issue.

6. Water Pooling Inside and Outside of Your Home

It is the last sign that indicates a slab leak in your home. If you have a problem with water pooling inside and outside of your home, then it is one of the serious issues that you have to take action on immediately. Thus, you have to call a professional plumber to fix the problem.

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